Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sorry for the delay in writing! Maggie left, and now it is I, Clara, who is taking over for the time being.

The past few days of therapy have been great. It seems that just in the past week or so, great progress has been made, especially in speech. The other day we were able to take him out to a restaurant, where we ordered a coconut cake. I was telling him that I was super excited for it, and he said 'I am more!' Often times when we're chatting with him, he'll say something sporadically. Sometimes it's 'oh,' other times it's 'woops!' It's so encouraging for us, and I think especially for him to be able to hear this!

Yesterday afternoon is when my dad had his bone flap surgery. The swelling of the brain had gone down enough, that the doctors felt it was safe to replace his left bone flap. We spent the morning before surgery watching 'I Love Lucy,' and chatting about how great it will be to have a normal looking head again!
The surgery started at 1:30PM, and finished a little after 4:00PM. It went longer than expected, because the brain had adhered itself to the scalp. The work was long and meticulous, but the bone flap fit in perfectly, and the surgery went very well. We didn't get to see him until close to 8PM, when they brought him to ICU, so that they could keep a close eye on him through the night. He was in much pain from the surgery, so was given some pain killers and went straight to sleep.
He was in much pain throughout the night, but is feeling better today. He is currently listening to classical music, and eating chicken noodle soup.
He'll have one more day of rest, then it's back to 5hr. days of therapy! They are all eager to get him back on his feet!

"My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from him. He alone is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will never be shaken." -Psalm 62:1-2


  1. Dear ones,
    I think of you every day and say prayers for all of you, for strength, healing, patience, persistence and certitude. Your love for one another and your faith in God is beautiful and inspiring.
    Emily Wright

  2. Clara---thank you SO much for taking over the blog task for now! It means a great deal to those of us who love you, and think of you every day, to be able to click on this site, and get a bit of an update. Especially for those of us who are far away, in mileage, but never far from you in thought or love. This is all good, encouraging news. I am sending all of you all my love, continued prayers and, as always, hugs and best, best wishes.
    Julie K.

  3. Thanks Clara, for a much-awaited update. We were praying during this recent surgery and are so glad to hear it went well! What exciting news about your dad's speech!!! Our prayers are never ceasing....we look forward with eager anticipation to God's continuous healing. Psalm 62:5 is my all-time favorite verse (after John 3:16 of course!).....and it is much like Psalm 62:1 What comforting words!

  4. Clara, thank you so much for the update! We're so glad to hear that your dad's surgery is done and soon he'll get back to therapy. Our prayers are with you all.
    Love, Jill and Steve

  5. Glad to hear the surgery went well...Praying for his continued progress.