Monday, August 20, 2012

This summer has been pretty busy for my dad. We have just recently
returned from 2 1/2 weeks in Boston where my Dad was part of a MIT (music
intonation therapy) study with Harvard.

The first half of his time there was spent testing and taking MRI images.  From
looking at the MRI images, they said it looks like my dad's word storage area
had been destroyed, although somehow he still comes up with new words on his own
every day now. 

After the testing, he jumped into learning the MIT technique.  He started learning to
sing his words.  He is supposed to be singing his words as much as possible now
(while tapping his left hand), and apparently it is helpful if we do, too. 

The MIT method will trigger the music part of the brain to help take
over some of the language-related jobs.  It is also supposed to help my dad's
speech flow more smoothly, especially as his vocabulary grows.  

In these last few weeks, my dad would sometimes answer a question with a word in
Spanish instead of English.  Also, when he was Skyping with some of our relatives in Mexico,
he said that he could understand the Spanish, as long as it
was spoken slowly.  (My dad used to be fluent in Spanish, proficient in Arabic and
French, and knew a bit of German, too!)

While in Boston, we did find time to sightsee a little.  My dad really enjoyed touring the State House, where the House and Senate were in session.
We also saw the Museum of Fine Arts, the Duck Tour, and the new Batman
movie.  :)

We're back in Montevideo for awhile, and my dad remains busy.  Part of the MIT
study through Harvard involves Skyping everyday for an hour or more with
someone from the research team at Harvard. 

For Father's Day we got my Dad an Xbox Kinect.  It has sport games on it, but
his favorite is boxing.  He tries to work at it every day now, moving his right

Since the weather has finally cooled off a little, it makes walking more pleasant for my dad.
 These days he usually walks at least a mile a day, often