Thursday, November 18, 2010

sorry for this very belated post, guys!

well, it looks as though we'll be here in Plainfield, IL, for another month or so; my dad is planning on continuing rehab at RIC another four weeks or so at which point we'll move back to MN where he'll then start up with rehab through St. Kenny in Minneapolis for two-three months. we thought that being closer to family would be good, as well as just a nice change of atmosphere for my dad.
we've been VERY happy with RIC though, and are considering coming back to Chicago area in the spring time to have my dad participate in some more RIC rehab programs.

we've been seeing some neat progress in my dad's speech; he surprised us all the other day by ordering his own meal in a restaurant and has also been able to read a few words aloud to us. he continues to plug away at his communication/speech every day, practicing on repeating and reciting words and phrases to us.

the physical therapists have been occasionally taking my dad's leg brace off at therapy, something we don't do at home, but it has been helping to strengthen and work his ankle so that eventually the brace will become unnecessary.

his right arm has also shown visible improvement. whereas before the therapists could only stretch the arm to attempt to keep it flexible, my dad can now lift his arm a good ten inches or so, and has more hand and finger movement. the other day i gave him my hand and he reached out with his right hand and gave it a good ol' squeeze! we're continuing with the electrical stimulus on his arm and shoulder as well.

still no snow here in Plainfield, but it's definitely beginning to taste of winter!

the wonderful encouragement and support from all of you always makes us happy and helps keep us going! thank you!