Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Geoff, On Camera!

Geoff wanted to update his blog himself this time.  This is a short video we took, unrehearsed.

As you may know, Geoff’s language is what was affected the most, and is what he is working hardest on.  Immediately after his stroke, his brain remembered only one word:  you.  Doctors believe that most of his word storage area was wiped away, along with all understanding of how you use words together in order to express an idea (such as in sentences).  Writing, complex reading...also lost.

Since then, he has had approximately 750 hours of structured speech therapy (that includes Music Intonation Therapy, too), plus at least as many hours working on language at home (that includes Rosetta Stone).

He continues to meet with an outstanding speech therapist in our local hospital four days/week -- someone who knew Geoff pre-stroke.  He also meets with someone else in town twice/week who works with him on Music Intonation Therapy.   (Another person who knew Geoff pre-stroke;  one of the advantages of living in a small town!)

At home, we often sing our words so that he continues to build up fluency through music and rhythm.  He does language exercises on his iPad, and we work on Rosetta Stone 5 days/week.  He practices reading columns of difficult words out loud:  words with blended consonants, or that involve complex motor movements.  (Motor planning exercises.)  He reads news sites on his iPad every day (NY Times, BBC News), and interesting books (often children’s abridged versions, which are a little easier to follow).

He has come a long way!!