Thursday, November 18, 2010

sorry for this very belated post, guys!

well, it looks as though we'll be here in Plainfield, IL, for another month or so; my dad is planning on continuing rehab at RIC another four weeks or so at which point we'll move back to MN where he'll then start up with rehab through St. Kenny in Minneapolis for two-three months. we thought that being closer to family would be good, as well as just a nice change of atmosphere for my dad.
we've been VERY happy with RIC though, and are considering coming back to Chicago area in the spring time to have my dad participate in some more RIC rehab programs.

we've been seeing some neat progress in my dad's speech; he surprised us all the other day by ordering his own meal in a restaurant and has also been able to read a few words aloud to us. he continues to plug away at his communication/speech every day, practicing on repeating and reciting words and phrases to us.

the physical therapists have been occasionally taking my dad's leg brace off at therapy, something we don't do at home, but it has been helping to strengthen and work his ankle so that eventually the brace will become unnecessary.

his right arm has also shown visible improvement. whereas before the therapists could only stretch the arm to attempt to keep it flexible, my dad can now lift his arm a good ten inches or so, and has more hand and finger movement. the other day i gave him my hand and he reached out with his right hand and gave it a good ol' squeeze! we're continuing with the electrical stimulus on his arm and shoulder as well.

still no snow here in Plainfield, but it's definitely beginning to taste of winter!

the wonderful encouragement and support from all of you always makes us happy and helps keep us going! thank you!


  1. Thanks for the update, Maggie. It is good to hear of Geoff's progress.

  2. Thanks again Maggie! (and welcome back!) (and congratulations!)....Praise God for every daily progress! Geoff you never cease to inspire me! Hope you can feel our constant prayers! Love to every one of you!

  3. Thanks so much for keeping us up to date as we continue to pray. What a great family you all are! Such an inspiration to us! Our love to all of you and congrats Maggie on your engagement.

  4. It was sooooo good to read your new post. First off....congratulations Maggie on your engagement. I didn't even know that you were serious with anyone...but hey....what do I know!!! Second....we just had the fall play performances at school and I sure thought of Clara and Rose. We miss you guys so much and in so many ways. Third......I do think of you and pray for you, Janet, at 6:30 a.m. each morning as you are getting Geoff to rehab. Darin and Rachel leave for school every morning at 6:30 a.m. for their early morning music stuff, so I have a quiet house then to spend in prayer. Fourth......God WILL continue to work and help Geoff as he progesses along. WE are all pulling for you Geoff!! And praying, and thinking, and wishing, and wanting, and missing your beautiful face and personality!! Lastly......we hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. You will be remembered in Monte by many families on that day as we count our blessing of knowing your family. So to Geoff, Janet, Sam and Joanna, Maggie and ???, Etty, Clara and to every one of you!

    Marc and Jan Stevens

  5. Wonderful news to hear! God is on Geoff's side and he WILL get through this. Hope your family has a wonderful holiday season.

  6. Thanks so much for the update Maggie-and congrats on your engagement! We miss all of you guys, and want Clara and Rose to know we miss their frequent visits to youth group on wednesday nights. Lindsey was just here over Thanksgiving, and we had a wonderful time with her after not seeing her for 11 months. We hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful as well. Blessings to your incredible family-we rejoice with every step forward and will continue to stand with you in prayer! The Braces

  7. Great to hear of Geoff's progress. Our prayers are with you Geoff during this great season of Hope!

    Charlie and Sue Nichols