Tuesday, July 27, 2010

as we greeted my father this morning, i asked him how he slept last night . . . he turned to me and said, "pretty good". WOO-HOO! these are the little miracles we see every day as my dad continues in rehab here. his speech continues to be our big focus, and probably his biggest challenge, but just these last few days, we've seen a huge improvement in his ability to shape and repeat word sounds. and every now and then, we hear him say something spontaneously in response to a question, like what we heard this morning. those are so exciting! he can now say some words quite easily, such as 'love you', 'thanks' and (much to my delight) 'Maggie'. he still isn't able to speak much on his own, it usually requires some prompting and visual assistance, but his ability to shape new words is steadily improving.

he continues to do better and better in physical therapy, walking more and more every day. today, for the first time, they actually put him on a treadmill for an hour! his energy level is up, but we still try and get him to take naps whenever possible because he does a lot more physical work than before. his right arm is still an area of slow progress; although the doctors see muscle movement up near his shoulder, we're still waiting to see him gain control of the lower half of his arm.

his reading is also doing well. he can now read full sentences at a time, and is good at multiple choice questions and true/false statements. his speech therapist also works with him on unscrambling words and phrases, which he does great on.

we recently had a neurosurgeon stop in to tell us that it looks like my dad will be able to have the piece of skull that was removed put back in again, hopefully sometime next week. after his surgery, he'll need a day or two to recover before he can start back up with rehab, but we're excited to know that he'll soon have his head all put back together! so we're waiting on the next update regarding that surgery.

Sam flies in this afternoon! he'll be able to spend a couple of days with us girls and my dad, so we're all excited (especially dad!) to see him today:)

also, my mother asked me to include this note (below) in my post:

Janet here. I haven't been very good at thanking all of you for your tremendous
kindness, concern, and support. Please know that it means so, so much to our
family, and really is helping us get through this very difficult time. Every
you post is noticed, every card you send is read (and Geoff can read them
himself, which is wonderful!) and is an encouragement to us. We have
lovely and inspiring and humorous books from you, gift cards for coffee and
restaurants, care packages, games, beautiful flowers and plants, and even a
cheery yellow ukelele! All of these things help to cheer Geoff's days and
ours, and I think Geoff is beginning to realize how many people are behind
him... :)

Most of all, thank you for your constant prayers...God hears them all.

"On Him we have set our hope that He will continue to deliver us, as you
us by your prayers." 2 Corinthians 1:10-11.


  1. Makes me cry from joy! Thank You Jesus!
    (It's time to put my fresh, clean, now wet shirt in the laundry again... :-) )
    God is blessing his servants because of personal faith and continued prayer. Keep it up, everybody!
    Washington state

  2. We're happy to hear of Geoff's continued progress! You all are such great support for him. We will continue to pray for his recovery, and for all of you.

    Janet, Kent, Alex, Anthony, and Will

  3. My dears, Maggie and Janet (and everyone) - thank you for yet another wonderful update. I "check in" with this blog every single day, to see if there's a new posting, to review the wonderful photos, and to contemplate how FAR Geoff has come since June 6th. I hope you continue to feel all the love and blessings coming your way, from all of us who love you so very much. There's not a day that goes by, that you are not held very closely in my thoughts, my heart and in prayers. Take good care. I will continue to be SO grateful for this blog.
    All my LOVE to ALL of you!!!!
    Julie K.

  4. It is our privilege and responsibility to pray "without ceasing" and so we do, and we will. As we see this steady, wonderful progress we rejoice with you all!!! I know Geoff's amazing personal determination is needed in partnership with God's physical healing. We have a God who was a "man of sorrows" who understands your incredibly difficult journey. I pray that you can feel His arms around you all, holding on to you and helping you all the way through.

  5. Wonderful news to hear!!! It is great to know that Geoff has such a wonderful family that is there to support him unconditionally day and night. He is in my thoughts often and I will keep praying for his continuous recovery. I hope the flowers I sent put a smile on his face and gave him cheer and happiness.

  6. Hey, Hathaways, have I got a great idea for you.
    Just down the road at the Great River Shakespeare Festival in Winona, the BEST Comedy of Errors I've seen. So clever, a great escape for a few hours. It may be just what the doc ordered for you stalwart, dedicated, loving dears. There are three performances left (tomorrow night, Sat and Sun matinees at 3:00)
    The Othello is solid, as well. Here's a link if you are interested. http://grsf.org/plays-and-tickets/calendar
    As always, you are in my prayers.

  7. Geoff- So happy to read of your progress. It is especially wonderful to learn through the lens of your amazing daughter(s) and lovely wife posting on this blog. I feel their relief and excitement in every post- powerfully human and always uplifting. If they can make ME feel so encouraged I can only imagine the boost you must feel from having them at your side! You are truly a blessed man.

    There is a story here that needs to be captured and written about for others to take inspiration from. Maggie- Please consider writing a book to share your story. There aren't many who have your gift for writing and not many as determined and courageous as GH!

    I hope that my mom and dad can have a chance to see you next week. Mom has a date with a flock of oncologists on Thursday and Friday but I know that's surgery day for you, G. We are all praying for you.

    Love to all you Hathaways,

    Boy Next Door

  8. Maggie, Thanks for the updates. It great to see the progress your dad is making. Say hello to him from Kevin, Kali, Scott and me. Your family is in our thoughts.

    Sandra Russen

  9. sill praying! i'm soooo happy i get to read these updates and hear about your family Maggie! just know i think of you often and i hope one day to come see you and your family all in good health! i pray your dad continues to progress quickly! blessings!

    ~jflynn <3