Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Happy Spring!

Hello, friends!

My dad wanted to update everyone with a video on what he's been up to lately. Something he's been working on a lot in speech therapy is the structure of sentences, and creating full paragraphs-- so we thought this would be a cool way to continue that therapy, as well as share with you all the progress and healing he's been making!

Thanks for all continued support, and happy spring!


  1. It is wonderful and encouraging to see this video message. Thank you, Geoff, and all your family for keeping us posted!

  2. It's so uplifting to see your continued progress, Geoff! Love to see your humor shining through, too, with the "beautiful weather.... all the time" part. Stay strong in the Lord, all of you!

    Jason Hubred

  3. You have our thoughts and prayers Geoff, stay strong and focused. I hope you enjoyed Costa Rica :) All our love, the Eisel Family.

  4. Hope you had a great Christmas with your family! Wishing you a very happy birthday tomorrow and a very Happy New Year!!!
    All the best, Amy Nordaune

  5. Any new updates coming? It's been very nearly a year since this one.