Monday, July 25, 2011

Every night at dinner, we go around the table and ask Dad a question that he has to answer in a full sentence. Tonight, one of us was taking so long that he started asking himself his own questions and answering them. "What is your favorite music?" "I love opera!" "What is your favorite movie?" "Oh, a lot of movies!" etc. He was on a roll! He is always making progress and always surprising us with new words and sentences. And, of course, he is just as humorous as always!

One thing that is hard for my dad to do is do 2 things at once. Eating and talking, or walking and talking is difficult. We talk to him while he is walking and try to get him to say something back. A few months ago it was too difficult, but now he does it much more easily. It is still hard, but getting better!

My dad continues to work on therapy at home, despite the hot, humid weather! He works on it several hours a day and is very dedicated. He has probably 20 different exercises that he works on daily and rarely complains about the work.

Dad still has lots of time to do fun things during the day. Things such as coffee breaks, a pontoon ride on Lake Minnetonka, and evening walks to ice cream shops!


  1. It is great that Geoff's sense of humor is being expressed!
    My adult kids can't stand grocery shopping with me because I can't talk and walk without loosing my balance. I also can't listen to a cell phone and keep moving. It is still way too tricky.

    Geoff I love the idea of evening walks for ice-cream! I will have to suggest that to my husband. lol

  2. I'm not sure how to email you but I'm looking for help/suggestions and I have been following your dad's progress since I found this blog shortly after my mom's stroke in April.

    My mom had a severe stroke in April and has Broca's aphasia. She has been doing intense rehab since May but her time is almost up. She cannot drive and I work and her husband works. So she will be stuck home alone all day with no way to leave the house. The "social worker" at her day therapy place basically told us we are SOL because my mom is not a senior - she just turned 63 and will NOT go to "adult day care." Do you have any suggestions? She has a hard time spelling, typing, writing, speaking so obviously her options are limited. Please email me at stlfarr at yahoo dot com. thank you.

  3. Wonderful update. A friend had a similar type stroke and made enormous progress around month 18. He is a nuclear engineer and 6 months ago took a 5 yr contract for a job in China. Just goes to show, you never know!

    Much love,
    Susan Schweiger