Saturday, April 9, 2011

The days seem to be flying by now that the weather is finally starting to feel like spring. Both yesterday and Thursday my dad and all of us went on a long walk- just under 2 miles both days! My dad seems to have had a sudden burst of energy about 2 weeks ago and has been wanting to work extra hard and do more things.

Our walk yesterday was great- we walked along the Mississippi River in 63 degree weather. It seemed like the longer we walked, the better Dad's walking became. He doesn't swing it out much anymore, which is great. Therapists are still working with him on getting his hip flexer to kick in. The hip flexers are the muscles that help the leg lift up and make it easier to walk. That is one thing that my dad has been working on a lot in the pool. It's improving, slowly but surely.

The extra energy my dad has had has made him want to do more homework. At therapy the other day, his speech therapist asked him if he wanted some writing homework. "BRING IT ON!" was my dad's response. So, he's been adding more writing homework, arm therapy, and walking into his afternoons. Less naps and more action! It's so much fun to see him getting more enthusiastic about doing therapy.

Dad has just about another week and a half left at Sister Kenny, then on to Chicago! Sister Kenny has been a wonderful place to be, but my dad is very ready for a change of pace. The intensive speech therapy in Chicago is right in the downtown. We've also been in contact with someone at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago who wants to put Dad in another research program with his hand. My dad is very interested in this, so he might be doing that, too.

Over Easter, we'll have the whole family together. Maggie, Sam, and Joanna will all be flying to the Twin Cities a few days before Easter. It will be great to all be together.

"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit." -Romans 15:13


  1. Clara,

    I love reading your posts and updates! Your family has been in my prayers for some time and it's so encouraging to hear all about the progress your father has made! I hope one day soon I will get to meet y'all, maybe when maggie finally ties the knot! ;) lol! keep the updates coming!

    a fellow prayer warrior,

  2. Oh so fun to hear of Geoff's burst of energy. I think just the spring weather and warm sunshine does that to many of us. Somehow it invigorates the soul, mind, body and spirit. Thank God for making warm days and sunshine!!! He must have known just how much we would need it! Well, have a super great Easter, and we will be praying you all on as you move to Geoff's next therapy step in Chicago. Lots of love and prayers, Marc and Jan Stevens and family

  3. I love that "Bring it on!" You rock Geoff!

    I look forward to hearing all about the Chicago adventures.

    Linda in Winnipeg