Thursday, January 6, 2011

Just a quick little update!

Today was my dad's third day of therapy at Sister Kenny, and both he and my mom agree that it is excellent! Yesterday in speech therapy, the therapist had him do a Test of Higher Thinking and Logic to see where he was in his thinking skills. My dad got 100%- a perfect A! The therapist said that his score was above average for people his age, with his education who hadn't had a stroke! Woohoo!

Tomorrow in therapy they are going to try my dad on a LocoMat- a robotic leg. There are not a great amount of these, so it will be exciting to use it and see how it works!

(The picture is of my dad with his 51st birthday cake- a Czech Honey Cake that he first had on his bike trip in Europe with Sam.)


  1. This is great news to hear how well Geoff is doing! Our family continues to pray for Geoff as he fights with God’s help and healing. Thank you for the continued updates.

    Amy,Dave,Tyler & Kayla Nordaune

  2. Congrats on the above average mental stuff, when I was tested my doctor said that even though I was above average he would not agree to the statement that I was 'normal'. The Lokomat at Sister Kenny is great, I think that was the best therapy for getting a better gait. The Lite-Gait didn't work for me because I needed the resistance of the Loko-Mat and it prevented my spasticity from taking over.

  3. "....his score was above average for people his age, with his education who hadn't had a stroke!"

    I am not at all surprised to read this--Geoff's intellect is SO keen and lively. What wonderful, wonderful news. As ever Clara, thank you for posting this. Several friends have recently asked after Geoff. It remains a thrill for me to be able to remind them of this blog, and deliver ever-increasingly good news. Always thinking of ALL of you and sending love. Julie K.

  4. Great news, Geoff. I can't believe your progress. Your determination is amazing. The love of your family comes shining through, and the adversity has strengthened it. Keep at it. You'll be skateboarding by summer.

    Bob Huber & Theresa Hughes

  5. got time for another update please ?