Monday, December 20, 2010

We're back in Minnesota! Our third day here, and we're already being bombarded with more snow! (As if 2 feet weren't enough!)

We left Plainfield, Illinois Friday morning and split the drive into two days. Early Saturday afternoon we arrived at my dad's mom's house, where we'll be living for the next few months.

Huge improvements have been made with my dad's speech. He continues to improve, literally every day. No improvement could be fast enough for him, but it's so wonderful seeing the progress he DOES make. He is able to say full sentences sometimes, and is almost always able to answer us with a one word answer for questions we ask him (i.e. Delicious! Fantastic! Good night. Thank you. etc.) It's so much fun and great encouragement to see the improvements he has made with his speech.

His walking continues to improve. As mentioned earlier, strengthening his hamstring is the most important thing to be working on with his leg right now. My dad does not like the cold weather, so is working on walking fast to avoid any unnecessary time out in the bitter cold! He does enjoy walking though, and we never use the wheelchair anymore.

The electrical stimulant that we have been using on my dad's arm and hand has been a huge success. He can now bring his arm out a bit, and squeeze our hand quite firmly! It takes a lot of concentration but it's a great workout! My dad was one of the first people to whom they had used the electrical stimulant on for so many hours, and were just amazed with how beneficial it was. They even entered him into their books, so they can use this on more patients!

Today my dad had an appointment at the Sister Kenny Institute to figure out the routine he will have there. My mom was very impressed with the institute, and we look forward to having him work there. He'll have a nice Christmas break from therapy for a bit, but right after Christmas he'll start back up again.

It's looks like Christmas outside with all the snow. We're going to decorate our tree tonight and watch "It's a Wonderful Life." It is certainly the most wonderful time of the year! Merry Christmas!

"The LORD will guide you always." -Isaiah 58:11


  1. Yay! I do so look forward to these postings Maggie! So happy you are all together in a place that feels like home! Just wonderful again to hear of your steady progress to recovery Geoff!

  2. We're happy to hear of Geoff's continued progress. Thank you for keeping us posted. The Sister Kenny Institute did wonders for my mother in 1999 after a serious illness left her paralyzed. We wish you well and will continue to pray for Geoff's recovery. Merry Christmas to all the Hathaways!

    Janet Bosch and family

  3. Thank you so much for these recent posts. I haven't been able to speak with dear Janet as often as I would like, so these updates are wonderful to read. All of you continue to be uppermost in my thoughts every single day. Geoff looks good and strong in the photo - no doubt that will continue. And I looked at the Sister Kenny center's web site today---mighty impressive place. Geoff is in good hands - that is clear. Thinking of you, and sending you all my love,
    Julie K.

  4. I was saddened to hear about Geoff, but now that I've read the blog; he seems to be making great progress. You are the 3rd family I've heard about these last few months in this situation, so keep positive and be strong. Best wishes from a snowy corner of England (Neston) xx