Friday, September 10, 2010

the next BIG STEP!

hey guys, it's Maggie again! looks like there is a little updating to do since the last blog post!

my dad ended up getting discharged a few days early from Mayo Clinic at our request -- he was getting a bit restless on the rehab floor -- so he left Rochester this past Friday, and spent the weekend in St. Paul with family. he and my mom even made it over to the Minnesota State Fair for some sunshine and food on a stick!

but this past Tuesday morning we packed up our bags and made the road trip down to Chicago, IL, where my dad has begun his new therapy sessions at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago.

yesterday was his first day of therapy; he and my mom (she wanted to go along the first couple of times to check out the place) were picked up by a transport service around 7:45 AM and my dad went through a full six-hour day of therapy before coming back home a little after 4 PM. he'll have 2 hours a day of occupational, speech, and physical therapy. the therapists spent most of the day just getting to know Geoff, and to see how far along he was with his therapy. my mother was very impressed with all of the therapists, and they, in turn, were so impressed with my dad! they remarked on what great progress he had already made . . . his speech therapist remarked on the fact that his ability to read phrases and his ability to comprehend so well already put him ahead of the game!

it will be hard work for my dad, but hey, we're not ABOUT to let him take it easy:) the first thing he wanted when he came home from therapy yesterday was a big cup of coffee! so he kicked back on the couch and sipped his cup of joe while all of us girls pestered him with questions about his first day of therapy!

after today, he'll have the weekend to rest up -- and then his first FULL week!

also, here is our new address:

24108 Walnut Circle
Plainfield, IL 60585


  1. Maggie--
    THANK YOU SO MUCH for this update. As you know, I check this blog every day. I am so glad to read the latest news. All of this is WONDERFUL and encouraging news. I am VERY heartened to read that the therapists are so impressed with the degree of progress Geoff has already made, prior to his arrival at the Clinic. This is great. I continue to hold all of you very closely in thought and heart. Every day you are in my prayers. Take good care, and please know, multitudes of loved ones are with you in spirit every day.
    All my love,
    Julie K.

  2. I have been waiting for this posting all week, knowing that Sept. 7th was a new beginning for you all. I am so thrilled, once again, at the good news of more progress and that you get to be in a "home" now! Our prayers continue! May this coming week be blessed!


  3. There goes the neighborhood....and we are thrilled! Can't believe we are so close and are very anxious to help where we can. After all these years, I get to have Hathaways as neighbors again! Can't wait to finally see Geoff this weekend.

    An open invitation to anyone travelling to see G and the ladies; we live 2.46 miles due north and invite you to call for a place to stay nearby when in the area! We have a guest suite and our doors are always open for FOG's (Friends/Family of Geoff).

    Janet has our contact info and here's a number to call me: 630.416.0086.

    Kevin Wilson-

  4. Yay Hathaways-we're so glad for all the progress Geoff is making and for the way your hearts are being encouraged! We are so sorry you are far away, but trust me, you are close to our hearts! We love you all and continue to pray for a complete recovery and for God's purposes to be revealed to and through you! You are missed here in Montevideo, but always in our thoughts and prayers-thank you so much for the update!

    The Braces

  5. Sheri and I are really happy as well that things are going along so well. I can't imagine the amount of work involved, you are all amazing people!
    Best wishes
    Brian and Sheralyn